Tired of no-shows ?

Move on to booking with

prepayment or credit card imprint.

“Its is essential that we protect our activity and when clients see all the work we do, they perfectly understand. Since we’ve set up prepayment, no-shows have completely disappeared.”

Alexandre Mazzia

Adieu les lapins 🐇

Say goodbye to no-shows

Clients who book and don’t turn up without bothering to warn you are still too many. We know the consequences for you and we have a solution : prepayment or credit card imprint at the time of booking.

Prépaiement Guestonline

Day & Night, 24/7

With Guestonline your clients can book day and night from your own website. Your guests receive a confirmation in real time and an automatic reminder.


Decide of the amount and refund conditions. Your clients put in their credit card details securely when they book. Just like in hospitality, they’re more and more used to it.

Keep control

Whether you set it up for all your services or only for certain events, you decide when you want to activate prepayment. Booking enters a new era !


With prepayment and credit card imprint, avoid costly no-shows.

Guarantee your revenues on your all your services securely and follow your clients transactions in real time.

Credit Card

Register your client’s credit card
when booking, in case of no-show
debit the latter in one click.

Online Prepayment

Receive your client’s payment when booking. Ideal for your events and for your treasury.

your revenues

End it with food waste,
loss of time , loss of income,
and the loss of nerves because of an empty table.

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