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An ethical and educational approach to online reservation

Guestonline Training reflects our desire to make the best of technology available to hospitality schools, food service training centers and their application restaurants at reasonable cost.

It is the result of joint work of Chefs and computer experts who have developed a powerful and reliable tool,  easy to use and available in several languages.

Already in place in several restaurants, the Guestonline Training Program is committed to your side. Bring an educational and ethical approach to the use of Internet and new technologies. Prepare your students to be operational on these tools and make them aware of tomorrow’s challenges.

Module de réservation en ligne Guestonline

Independent Booking Center !

Set up your independent booking center on your application restaurant’s website and social networks. Break free from online reservation centers’ commissions and control your communication.

Digital reservation book

Add your phone and online bookings to your digital reservation book in just a few clicks. Save time with the integrated floorplan and create your unique client database from your application restaurant.

Customer relationship 3.0

Teach your students the basis of customer relationship. Create and enrich your cardex in order to create customer loyalty and personalise the customer experience.

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